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    3. Employees Working At Land O

      Land O'Lakes recruiters are coming to a college campus near you

      University of Minnesota, Purdue and Iowa State among the schools where we're looking to hire 175 paid interns

      If you’re in search of a paid internship opportunity, you’re in luck. Land O’Lakes is taking its celebrated internship program on the road this fall -- and that means visiting a campus or career fair near you.
      “For our recruiting team, it’s just like being in a rock band,” says Recruitment Manager Nick Koewler. “We even have cool t-shirts. I’m excited to help match students with opportunities at Land O’Lakes.”
      The company is looking to recruit 175 paid interns from a wide range of disciplines, from ag economics to computer science. In between, the company is looking for data scientists, supply chain majors, marketers and more.
      Why an internship with Land O’Lakes? It’s simple: If you’re looking to launch your career somewhere where you can make a difference in the world, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better place to look than the intersection of agriculture, technology, and the food industry. And that’s Land O’Lakes.
      The goal of the Land O’Lakes internship program is to help students build their skills and experience, and move high-performers into full-time roles with the organization.

      Inside The Land O'Lakes Headquarters Atrium

      “The best way to get to know us is to stop by our booth at a career fair,” says Koewler. “My team is there to match you up with an opportunity and give you a chance to see first-hand how Land O’Lakes is helping build a more sustainable food web.”
      Explore the opportunities here.
      Here’s where Nick and team will be:

      Purdue University

      University of Minnesota

      Iowa State